How do you move files from Home to workspace

I just discovered how to make workspaces. When I create a new workspace, there is a button at the bottom of the left hand menu that says + New Notebook, + Folder

I don’t see this button at the bottom of my Home “workspace” however. But I have many notebooks there that need to be organized.

This leads to a 3 part question:

  1. Why is there no “New Notebook” button at the bottom of my Home workspace? Is it because I have too many notebook files there perhaps? Or is that feature only available in Workspaces.
  2. Is it possible to create folders in the Home workspace?
  3. How do I move files from my Home (default) workspace to a Workspace. Since the workspaces cannot be seen from the Home workspace, there is no way to drag and drop.

Seems there may be a missing functionality here, or at least some missing documentation. Any suggestions would be most welcomed as I have about 20 notebooks in my Home.