Features to improve the usability

Adds to improve the use experience (or maybe just mine :slight_smile: )
-Group the blocks, execute all, and shrink the group like colab
-Ability of closing files opened in the right view, clicking with the middle mouse button like browser tabs (when many files are opened i need to enlarge the view and search the X)
-A shortcut for stopping the computation
-Right click on a selected text > “Search with Google” (Sometimes the doc isn’t supported)
-Sometimes in IDE i just use the CTRL+Z to return to the last mod (the page autoscroll gaining the focus on the line). Here the page scrolls to the line and and the rollback command is executed in one time.


Hi @JohnMinelli,

Thank you, this are very valid suggestions. Unfortunately some of them requires some time to implement and discuss. We will add it to backlog.

Some of the features are already available:

  • you can select cells in command mode (jupyter like: press esc at the editor, hold shift and select cells by up/down keys) and then run all selected cells by Ctrl + Enter shortcut.
  • added shortсut Ctrl + Shift + C/Cmd + Shift + C (Mac OS) for interrupting kernel.
  • added closing tabs by middle mouse button click.