Eternal computations


There is a quite annoying bug, which is not easy to reproduce, but I think I did. From time to time some non-trival (from computational point of view) cells in workbooks may not be able to finish. You can see the example below.

I had the following code, which computes nonparametric test of distributions equality of two sets of values using bootstrap. On my PC (2,3 GHz Intel Core i5, 8Gb RAM) computations finish in 22.7 sec:

Datalore workbooks seems to be not able to finish the computation at all:

I have to mention that this situation is pretty common but hardly reproducible.

Hi again! )
Thanks for your feedback, right now we are working a both ways. To produce reasonable error in such cases, so you will know something wrong with kernel. Also we are working on preventing such errors at all.

And again thanks for your another bug report, it is really helpful.