Enterprise - Docker Agent Image

Hey folks,
we’re attempting to build some relatively complicated Agent images for the Docker implementation of Enterprise. Issue is, we’re having to update a LOT of dependencies, because jetbrains/datalore-agent:2022.2.2 appears to be based on Ubuntu 20.04.

I guess I have two questions:

  1. Is there a newer base image planned for the agent image, or
  2. Is there a repo/git/instructions for installing agent software on top of another image? preferred

Realise this may well be a complex request, but this would increase usability with some pretty custom configurations we’re using.

Hi Janis,

by the “newer image” do you mean Ubuntu 22.04?
Which base image would you like to use ideally?

Hi Dmitry,
Yeah, optimally 22.04 - figure it’s best to follow LTS for compatibility with some more bespoke.

Ultimately, a “better” solution from my perspective would be to have supported OS configs with an install process for the agent requirements, and some form of rudimentary validation routine to ensure the build will work.

For context - we’re trying to use a Blender python module (install details [here])(Building Blender/Other/BlenderAsPyModule - Blender Developer Wiki) within a container, but had to do a fair bit of customising of the build to support 20.04. We can run the module using a custom image (built upon the agent), but for reasons I’m yet to work out, machines based upon the image won’t successfully launch when assigned to notebooks in our Datalore instance. Logs show an instance being started, but it eventually times out. Nothing seen in docker stats or docker ps -a.