Editable dataframes ? Data grid widget?


I would need some kind of data table widget.
This would to allow users to edit small tables from within a notebook.
Maximum say 100 rows and 30 columns, most often 20 rows and 10 columns.
I tried to pip install qgrid, but could not get it working.
Is there some way to use a data grid on Datalore?



Error message when trying to use qgrid:

Click to show javascript error.

[Open Browser Console for more detailed log - Double click to close this message]
Failed to create view for 'ErrorWidgetView' from module '@jupyter-widgets/base' with model 'QgridModel' from module 'qgrid'
TypeError: ViewType is not a constructor
    at https://datalore.jetbrains.com/ipywidgets.js:62216:32