Datalore notebook not loading


We are currently not able to open our datalore notebooks. It is also not possible to export the notebook from the home page. Not sure what is going wrong but none of the notebooks in our workspace is getting loaded and on clicking on any notebook, it webpage keeps loading indefinitely. Our assignments are currently in the notebooks and we have a hard submission deadline. Kindly look into the issue and let us know the remedy.


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Same here with my notebooks. They all get stuck at “Loading Datalore…” screen. Refreshing or changing browser from Chrome to Opera doesn’t seem to help.

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Thank you for reporting this issue – there was a partial outage at the server side. It has been fixed at ~08:10 UTC, and we are currently working on a proper fix to prevent such failures in the future.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing any problems.

Thank you!

I have the same problem right now

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Thank you for reporting this. I saw your message about an hour later, but at this point everything was working without issues for me, however our monitoring also raised a warning regarding one of the nodes, and it returned back to the fully operational state at ~00:30 UTC.

We are currently looking into this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Good morning
I have exactly the same problem right now

Hi @rubikovenge,

I don’t see any Datalore accounts associated with your email address. Please send me the details via DM if the issue is still relevant to you.

Thank you!

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Hi @igro I’m also having this issue right now.

@igro it seems to have resolved itself.

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I am having this problem with 2 of my notebooks. It has been ongoing for days. Please respond ASAP

Hello @Abdul_Shehata,

In the server log, I see only some client-side related warnings associated with your account - please try accessing your notebooks using Incognito mode. If the issue persists - please send me the link to the affected notebook via DM.

Thank you!

Hello @igro ,

I am also having the same issue right now. I tried to clear cache and opened in private mode. Please help me check the problem.

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Same here; I have the same problem, only getting “Loading Datalore…” when opening a notebook.


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@petcharyyy @ofev,

Sorry for the inconveniences caused and thank you for reporting this issue!
We restarted the failed component 5 hours ago and just deployed the new build with the fix for this issue.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues with Datalore.
Thank you!

why datalore not working or its only me?

Hi @igro

I have the same problem here : none of the notebooks in my workspace is getting loaded since yesterday…
Can you help me ?

Hi @juguirlet,

Sorry to hear that! I do see some warnings for your account in the log, but they don’t seem to be related - warned the devs anyways. Also I didn’t manage to reproduce the issue on my account and there are no anomalies in the monitoring panel - could you please check whether the issue is still relevant for you?

If the issue still reproduces - could you please also try accessing Datalore using another browser or incognito mode?

Thank you!

We found an issue with the permissions check, going to deploy fix later today. Will update this post once it is ready.

@juguirlet the fix has been deployed, thank you for the heads up and sorry for the inconvenience.

For the history: there was an issue with getting the list of reports if they were published by users whose profiles are now deleted.

Please let me know if you are still experiencing issues loading notebooks. Thank you!