Datalore just stuck

We are using Datalore in a Python beginner course. Datalore runs fine for almost all students, only one person has troubles: very often it is just stuck and does not really do anything. Hard to describe the issue better. The problem occurred using different notebooks, but always the same user account. I can share the user account or a link to a notebook in a private message, if this helps for further investigation.

Can this be related to the computer, the OS or the browser somehow?


I came here to report this same issue. Everything seems to be working except when I try to run cells nothing happens. I can restart the machine or the kernel and switch machines as well, but no matter what I do I can’t get a cell to run and show output.

@lumbric For me, cloning the notebook (and running commands in the new clone) fixed (or at least circumvented) the issue.

Same problem here :roll_eyes: Screwed over an exercise with a deadline tonight. Won’t be using Datalore again