Datalore has deleted code blocks without warning

All day I’ve been trying to use a notebook, and messages have been popping up saying that changes are not being saved to the server. real pain in the ass. And now, I’ve come back to my laptop to see that code blocks, which I haven’t touched for months, have disappeared. I am extremely fucking worried that my work is being deleted. Please someone resolve fast this before I terminate my subscription this is ridiculous

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Could you please share the notebook link in DM? We will take a look. Datalore also has integrated versioning Doing cmd/ctrl+z can also help revert the change you’ve accidentally made.

Hi @fboiardi,

There seems to be some kind of an anomaly and part of our users may experience such problems. Please try to reload the page in such a case.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for the heads up!

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The new build with several fixes and improvements has been deployed.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing this or any other issues.

Thank you!