Datalore features


In Cloud and ready to go
Datalore takes care about managing the environment where you work. There is no need to set up anything to start your analysis. You have ready-made web-based coding workbook with preinstalled scientific libraries, powerful code editor features, interactive report builder and all the computations in cloud.

Integration with Python data science stack
Datalore integrated with the most common data science libraries and frameworks as NumPy, Scikit learn, matplotlib and more.

Intelligent code editor
Datalore is an intelligent Python code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion, easy navigation and built-in suggestions.

Incremental calculation
To help save you time Datalore follows dependencies between different computational parts and does not recalculate thing which have been already calculated. Also it automatically does recalculation on changes so that you can think about your problem not about how to recalculate changes.

Datalore provides collaborative feature in workbooks which allows you share, edit and make analysis simultaneously with anyone else. You can invite your colleagues to work on one document.

Integrated Version Control
Datalore provides build-in version control system which works automatically. You can compare different versions, rollback and apply changes with easy to use intuitive interface.

Beautiful Charts and Maps
Datalore has modern looking beautiful interactive charts and maps which are easy to use. We developed convenient ggplot library, which you probably know from R environment.