Datalore extremely slow

At the moment Datalore is almost unusable. The execution of a cell with “1+1” takes 10-20 seconds. I tried restarting the kernel, switching machines and turning on or off the reactive mode - nothing helped. Is there anything I can do?

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Thank you for the notification! There was a high load on the computing subsystem and we are working to mitigate such issues in the future.

Thanks for the fast fix! Unfortunately we are experiencing issues again. Seems as if not all notebooks are affected, but it’s hard to say when things are stuck and when not. I think I managed to fix one notebook by publishing it and then editing a copy of it.

I think a specific workspace might be affected. The copy which runs fast is in my home folder. Is there any chance that this is fixed by Wednesday? We wanted to use Datalore for a public presentation, so it’s crucial that it runs stable. Otherwise we have to find an alternative solution.