Datalore Enterprise - different settings/environment between workspace and home?

Hi team,
we’ve created a custom image (based upon jetbrains/datalore-agent:2022.2.2) in order to support Blender as a Python module.

Weirdly, the machine works OK when run in my Home dir, but encounters what I presume are path related issues when same thing is attempted in the workspace. Nil customisations in for either. Is there any documentation to indicate what’s potentially different between the two?

Notebook when run in workspace:

Notebook when run in my user home:

Hi @Janis_Dalins ,

Hmm, no, there should be no differences in behaviour, the main distinction - is that for a notebook in a non-Home workspace “Workspace files” folder (/data/workspace_files) is mounted by default.

Nil customisations in for either.

Please note that file located in Workspace files is also taken into account and could affect the behaviour there.