Datalore and Lets-Plot

Hi Guys,

I used Datalore to learn Lets-Plot and shared my findings on It was effortless to embed Datalore cells, but there were a couple of minor quirks:

  1. Once the notebook is published, and I consume the cell from my article, publishing the notebook again turns off cell sharing.
  2. The link that Datalore generates for my cell looks like this:{height}, if I don’t add 70 pixels to the height parameter and consume the link in the article, I get scrollbars in the charts.

Lastly is a feature request. It seems that sharing is done either via the whole notebook or at the level of individual cells. Still, it would also be beneficial to select a group of cells to export as one embeddable piece of content.



Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to address the first point in the upcoming quality marathon, but regarding the second one – I didn’t manage to reproduce it, I guess in your case content of the cell has been changed since the generated link was copied (several new lines were added).

The issue has been addressed in the new build, sharing is no longer reset to “disabled” when you update the published notebook. We might improve the UI later.

That’s great to hear! Thanks.

thanks for the awesome information.