Dataframe styling

Seems like there is a problem with dataframe viewing. When you add styling to a pandas dataframe it becomes unscrollable for some reason. For example, try to open a big sized dataframe and add .style.set_precision() or .style.highlight_max() to it, and you will not be able to scroll to any rows / columns outside the default view.

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Oh, you are right, it is not supported and breaks the output. We will see what we can do about it. Thanks for the report!

Should work fine now. Thanks again for reporting this issue!

Thanks, scrolling works now, but only horizontally. As for vertical direction the dataframe just spreads to its full size. If your dataframe has a lot of rows this may become a very long table…

True, returns Styler object, that have an HTML representation, not DataFrame. We will try to handle such outputs better, thank you.