Data privacy and telemetry

We’re currently evaluating Datalore for our data science team. Data security and privacy are of critical importance to us for compliance and customer needs. This raises two questions:

  • Do the default configurations of Datalore Professional or Enterprise install collect, send or store any user data, or gather telemetry outside of licensing compliance?

  • Is there a way to disable the “I allow Datalore support team to access all my notebooks for for quality assurance” opt-in checkbox that shows up in few different places in the UI, either in the on-prem version or Datalore Professional? There are worries that users will accidentally click it and we cannot allow any data outside the organization.

This is one of those silly things that we have to ask and is a precursor to evaluating software for data compliance reasons, so any insight would be quite helpful. Thanks in advance.

Hi, thanks for reaching out!

Datalore Enterprise is a self-hosted version of Datalore that you install on your companies infrastructure (in private cloud or on on-premise servers). JetBrains doesn’t have any access to your data when you work within Datalore Enterprise. The checkbox you are mentioning doesn’t exist in the Enterprise version.

Also, Datalore Professional is an individual subscription that is not available for companies yet.
So the Enterprise version is the way to go to ensure that data doesn’t leave your company’s environment.

This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Appreciate the response and clarification on Professional vs. Enterprise.

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