Crippled SQLite3 dll

I am experimenting the platform to see if it suits my company’s needs, but it seems that the SQLite3 DLL that is in the Python installation is crippled.

When I try to load an extension (Spatialite) I get the following:

AttributeError: ‘sqlite3.Connection’ object has no attribute ‘enable_load_extension’

Can this be added? Also, for those using SQLite (and spatialite) more advanced features, having all optional features (i.e. the amalgamation code) turn ON when building the DLL.

Can that be done?


Thank you for the request – I forwarded it to the team, hopefully it will be enabled next week on cloud users, and if you are currently in the process of trialing an on-premises installation, drop us a message and we’ll help you configure your instance as well.

Thank you!

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@PedroC, we added --enable-loadable-sqlite-extensions flag, and now it seems to be working correctly.

Please try it out and let us know if there are still any issues with it.

Thank you!