Connect to a secure DB via VPN

Hi, I have a secure DB which is only accessible via VPN. The DB is blocked to all other external connections. How can I connect to my DB via Datalore?
Tried to find solutions online, but all suggests to install a VPN client locally (impossible).

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Dor_Raviv,

The only option at the moment - is to add the Datalore SQL execution server’s IP to the allowlist on the DB side.
We’re aware of such cases and are going to support SSH tunnelling for database connections later this year - please stay tuned in!

Thank you,

Thank you for your reply. Where can we find the Datalore SQL execution server’s address?

Looking forward for the update.

Stay secure :slight_smile:

Please use the following one:

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Hi, the IP address you have provided is not used for outgoing access. Adding this IP to our whitelist does not solve the issue. (we tested and opened our access to all, and it works…)

Any ideas?

@Dor_Raviv do you use native SQL cells (attach Database connection → new SQL cell), or did you try to connect directly from the Python code?

In the latter case, the request will be executed on the same virtual machine where your Jupyter notebook is running, and it gets a random IP address every time you start the notebook (machine).

Since it’s InfluxDB (timeseries database) and not stardard SQL, I use directly from python code via the InfluxDBClient connection.
Currently it seems you don’t support InfluxDB.
BTW - the influx queries are very similar to SQL.

Any help would be appreciated.

Oh, I see. You are right, InfluxDB is not supported, so it is only possible to use it directly from the code.

Please vote on the following request to provide a JDBC driver for this database – once it is done, it could be supported in DataGrip and Datalore: