Command Mode

Some of you are probably familiar with a concept of Command Mode. One can find it not only in Vim but for example in Jupyter notebooks as well. We find this feature very handy since it allows users to quickly navigate between cells, select multiple cells to cut/delete/paste them.

And now we are happy to introduce Command Mode in Datalore. So we encourage you to at least give it a try.

The basic keystrokes are:

  • Esc - enable Command Mode (editor loses focus and caret disappears)
  • Enter - enter Edit Mode again, escape Command Mode (brings caret back the editor)
  • Up / k - select previos block
  • Down / j - select next block
  • Shift + j / Shift + Down - extend selected blocks below
  • Shift + k / Shift + up - extend selected blocks above
  • copy/cut/paste selected blocks (hotkeys: c, x, v correspondingly, or Ctrl + ( c, x, v ) )
  • Delete or Backspace - deletes block

If you did something wrong - don’t forget that Undo (Ctrl + z) action works from Command Mode as well.

If you forget the shortcuts - you can always find them in the Help -> Shortcuts menu.

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