Command + M shortcut not working to change cell type

Hi everyone,

I recently started to use Datalore. I believe the shortcut to change a cell type is “cmd + M” (I am using macbook air 2020). But the shortcut is not working and I have to manually change the cell type through mouse which is not efficient.

Can anyone please help me with this. I appreciate your help and time.

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Unfortunately, Cmd + M could not be intercepted in Safari. We’ve added an alternative shortcut Option (Alt) + Cmd + M to convert cell type (in other browsers both shortcuts will work: Cmd + M and Option (Alt) + Cmd + M).

The build with the fix will hopefully be deployed by tomorrow.


Thank you for your response and help. Unfortunately, the alternative shortcut Option (Alt ) + Cmd + M to convert cell type is also not working for me in Safari (macbook air 2020).

Sorry, it taking longer than I expected. I’ll let you know once the new build is deployed.

Sure. No worries. Please take your time and thank you so much for your help and contribution :slight_smile:

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It is finally deployed! :tada:

PS: I have also noticed couple of issues with this shortcut related to the Command mode, we will address them in the upcoming builds.

Yes, Option (Alt ) + Cmd + M is working now. Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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