Cell not recognizing defined terms

I have the following code in datalore

#reaction rates
rate = kplus1*concentration_co2 - kminus1*concentration_h2co3
dmoles_co2_dt = (flow_co2_0 - flow_co2-rate*reactor_volume)
dmoles_h2co3_dt = flow_h2co3_0-flow_h2co3+rate*reactor_volume

on the second line, datalore throws the error “Unresolved reference ‘rate’”. As can be seen, rate is clearly defined the line immediately preceding the line where the error is thrown. All other terms are defined previously in the code.

I couldn’t reproduce the problem:

Could you please share the whole notebook with the problem? If you prefer not to share it publicly please send it to artem.borzilov@jetbrains.com