Can't view files in check point folder saved during training

I’m using tensorflow to save checkpoints every epoch inside a folder while my model trains. I wanted to download these checkpoint files to my local machine but can’t because there doesn’t seem to be a way to download a whole folder. It seems like files can only be downloaded individually. But every time I try to open the checkpoint folder it says data “failed to load”

Is there a way to download whole folders or can i just not download that data?

Hi @Sam_Grogan!

Currently the easiest way to download a whole directory is to compress it: !tar -czf checkpoints.tar.gz your_chekpoint_directory_name and download it as a single archive.

Regarding the “failed to load” problem, it’s a bug probably caused by special characters in the filename. Thank you for the report! Will post updates here

@Sam_Grogan we’ve fixed one issue that could lead to such behavior, please reach us if the problem persists