Can't start any machine or see Plans

Hello DL forum,

I am a university student currently working on a data science project in a team, which is why I suggested we use DL.
My professor requested Educational licenses for us but I’m unable to start any machine.
Whenever I select a machine other than CPU S I get directed to Plans where the options never load.
I was wondering whether there is a licensing issue as well? Maybe DL is not included in the Educational pack?
I also have an Enterprise license but I suppose we need to buy a plan or use our own (the university’s) server?

Thank you very much in advance.



It seems that you have two emails (personal and university ones) linked to a single JetBrains account. Unfortunately, due to internal Datalore limitations, you can only use one of the accounts registered to these emails. You can either continue using your personal account, or you can DM me to discuss other solutions.

Best regards,

Stepan Tarasevich
Datalore, JetBrains