Can't see Datalore main page

When I try to get to the Datalore main page, say, to show an associate about it, I keep getting redirected to the notebooks of one of my accounts.

I would rather have a sign-in or notebooks button on that page than get redirected every time.

In general, I am having trouble navigating among the forum, the blog, the main page and notebooks.

(In particular, I would like to look at a comparison of Community, Pro and Onsite. I thought maybe I could navigate to that from a main Datalore page.)


In general, the Landing Page is useful only for a non-authorized user, so with the current implementation in order to access it, you can just open Datalore in the incognito mode or log out via the Account Menu:

Regarding the Plans comparison – it is available from the same menu under the Billing Plans option or by a direct url at

I would really like to hear your ideas on how to improve navigation in other mentioned cases if you have any.

Thank you.

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