Cannot run any blocks of code

I am trying to run a query from a database that has been working all week in my notebooks. I tried running it again and the program is still not working. If I click “Run” or use any other outlet for running any of my bocks of code - I get no output. I restarted my machine and my computer - still no luck. I tried it on many different web pages - no luck. The machine says “Busy” when I do click the button to run it and then “Idle” when I would expect to receive an output but there is no red or green indicator that the block of code is running. Any advice?

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I have the exact same issue. @jetbrains I am confident this is a bug on your end.
Some of the existing code blocks seem to run but not all. No new blocks can run.

Edit: turning off reactive mode seems to have resolved the issue. Something about reactive seems to be causing some blocks to not be running even when you click on them.