Cannot Logout from datalore

I’ve set up Datalore and Hub on Openshift, following the guidelines from JetBrains Datalore’s documentation. Additionally, I integrated them with Keycloak using the instructions from JetBrains Hub’s documentation.

Logging in via Keycloak works flawlessly. However, I encounter an issue when attempting to log out from Datalore. Instead of logging out, I am redirected to a page stating, “Datalore requests access on your behalf to the following service: Hub — Hub.” On this page, I have two choices: “Accept” and “Cancel.” Clicking “Cancel” simply refreshes the same page, while selecting “Accept” brings me back to Datalore’s homepage.

Interestingly, if I first log out from Hub at “” and then attempt to log out from Datalore, I’m directed to the URL “…” This seems like partial expected behavior. However, when I then click the Keycloak button from here, I’m immediately redirected to Datalore’s homepage without needing to re-enter my password.

Given this situation, I’m wondering if I might have missed a configuration step or if there’s an existing issue with my current setup. For reference, I’m using Datalore version 2023.4 and Hub version 2022.3.15573. Any insights would be appreciated.