Cannot add files to new notebooks in Enterprise 2024.1

I’m hosting Datalore Enterprise 2024.1, Helm installation in AWS EKS.

Since yesterday, I cannot add files to newly created notebooks.
Error message:

Can't create file "New file". Url path: /datasource/files. Status code: 404. Content: Can't PUT to New file: directory can't be created

I can still normally add files to all existing notebooks, it fails only for new notebooks. In the datalore-0 container logs, I can see error lines like:

java.lang.Throwable: jetbrains.datalore.base.common.httpClient.HttpResponseError: Url path: /datasource/files. Status code: 404. Content: File not found: /opt/data/web-dav/0/su/...

Path /datasource/files looks suspicious, as typically notebook files were saved under /data/notebook_files path.

Answering my own question, as I found the root cause.
Make sure you have enough free disk space on /opt/data mount.
In my case, there were several dump files sitting there (probably left by some machines that crashed), using up most of free space. I removed them and the problem is gone.