Cannot access snowflake

Hello! I am brand new to DataLore Enterprise. Right now, I’m just trialing the software for my team and thus I have setup the enterprise version on my local machine using the docker container. I followed the instructions for doing so and was able to create my account and log in. I’ve created my first notebook and I am trying to access snowflake. I’ve put in all of my credentials correctly (and have tried a few different version for the URL) but they keep failing with a very long error (that I can only find in the logs in docker, the on screen error when I test just says “Failed to connect”). I suspect the problem is not so much with snowflake as it is with running the docker image on my local machine.

To be clear: I have made NO modifications to the .yaml file in the docker image except for the DB_PASSWORD/POSTGRES_PASSWORD settings (as per the instructions). I have a feeling the image is not able to access the internet (as I also couldn’t update the license for DataLore…it just kinda hangs and never does anything). I am pretty docker stupid, so could someone explain to me how I go about ensuring the container that is running DataLore in docker has access to the web via my local machine (which is hosting the container)? I was able to use the CLI in the docker container and was able to do an apt-get. I can also curl and get result so it must have internet access but I cannot figure out why it cannot connect to snowflake. I can use the snowflake URL to access the snowflake UI with no issues so theoretically so should this container.