Can I buy more GPU time

Hi everybody.

I am new to datalore and using the free version so far. I’d like to get a pro license but the 20 hours of gpu time is too little for me. I cannot find any info about if and how more gpu time can be bought to extend the 20 hours when needed. Can anyone refer me to some documentation?
20 hours on a t4 gpu are really not that much when training nlp model on transformers…


Hi Gabriele! We are working on the option to buy more GPU time on Professional plan (and more powerful GPUs) and will release it in the upcoming 1-2 months.

Do you plan to use Datalore for yourself or for work projects in a team? For teams we have more options to leverage GPUs in private cloud/on-premises.

Thank you Alena. I am definitely following up on that. I am also looking into datalore to be able to avoid buying (or renting) in-house hardware actually. I think being able to personalize the hardware is the missing piece really.

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Soon :pray:t2:

may i ask an option to buy more computation time is available?. and i think the ability to add home computation resources to use with cloud notebook is best feature to add.

It says I can buy more credits at the Jetstore. Is that true? I don’t see anything at the store.

If I can’t buy credits, what’s the deal here? It’s been an issue since at least November. This product is dead in the water for me if I can’t use GPUs.