Attach file to workspace

I’m new.

I can see how to attach a file to a notebook, but I don’t see how to attach a file to a workspace that can be accessed by several workbooks.

I plan to share the workspace and the team will created notebooks that output data that is used by other notebooks. However, at the start is the input data.

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Hello, Dar,

This feature is currently under development and already exists as a prototype, but unfortunately is still far from being released. If you are interested, we would be glad to invite you to usability testing as soon as the functionality is done. Please message me or (preferably) @Alena for more details.

Thank you!

Thanks! I think I misread a recent announcement. (Or maybe it said more than it should have.)

I’d like to setup a workflow where consumer notebooks have the latest from producer notebooks readily available. That is, I’d like so save a file (or something) in one notebook and have it available to another notebook. I want to avoid errors in downloading from one and uploading to another.

What workflow do you recommend? Using shared Google Drive folders? Something I’m missing?

Sadly, it’s not doable at the moment, but we are working hard to cover such workflows in the near future.

Among other things, there will be an ability to mount an external storage to the notebook, also it would be possible to attach data not to the notebook, but to the common space, that could be accessed from different notebooks within the workspace.

Please keep watching for updates! I hope I’ll be able to please you with the announce in the next few weeks.

This is very exciting.

Unfortunately, I want to start right now and I need to come up with something that works in the mean time. I’ll look around in the forums and see what others are doing.