Athena Output Location Error

I’ve created a database connection to AWS Athena and when I test the connection it is successful.

However, when I run a query in an SQL cell I get an error stating SQLError: [HY000][100071] [Simba][AthenaJDBC](100071) An error has been thrown from the AWS Athena client. No output location provided. An output location is required either through the Workgroup result configuration setting or as an API input.

How do I tell datalore the location of the bucket Athena is saving its output to?

Thank you

Is there any update on this? For example, is it a known bug, is it likely to be fixed anytime soon, should I give up on SQL cells supporting Athena and look at using boto3 / pyathena instead?

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Sorry for keeping you waiting - I forwarded your question to the team, will get back as soon as I have an update.

Thank you!


Please use “URL only” connection type and specify the output location using the following template:

jdbc:awsathena://AwsRegion=[REGION];UID=[ACCESS KEY];PWD=[SECRET KEY];S3OutputLocation=[LOCATION]

Attaching screenshot for the reference:

We will discuss how to improve Athena support in Datalore with the DataGrip team. Thank you for the question!

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@igro thank you, I can confirm that is working now :grinning:

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