Any updates on GPU-accelerated TensorFlow implementation?

I’ve seen quite a few posts in the past just by searching ‘tensorflow’ on the forum, and the replies seem to unanimously suggest that it is not yet fully working.

In particular, I had just set up Datalore Enterprise using docker with a GPU-enabled agent today, and I noticed that whilst using PyTorch, my local GPU works perfectly (at least it can be detected, haven’t done too much testing), whereas TensorFlow could not even detect the GPU.

As a result, I’m wondering if proper TensorFlow support is still something that is in active development?


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I have the same issue using Datalore and TensorFlow.
At the moment i’m using Jupyter Hub, which supports GPU+TF.

Is there any hint how to get this working?

I got TF working a while ago, although I don’t think I’ve done any tweaks; it just magically started to GPU-accelerate.

Very strange, I’ll investigate more when I have the time.