Allow use with local Python kernels

I really like many of the ideas behind datalore, but it is a huge drag that it is a cloud-only tool. For me to really use it every day, it would need to work offline, with my own kernels/conda environments.


We are thinking about such an abiity, and technically it’s absolutely possible. However, for the duration of the private beta we decided to use only cloud based version, in order to simplify updates and deployment. In the future we might provide a local version.

Could you describe why you need to work offline? Internet is so widespread now, that it’s very hard to find a place without it. Do you need your own custom conda environment? May be we can provide it in a cloud?


Hey Konstantin,

I found one! Do I get a prize? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Actually, my train commute is 1h each way and has massive 3G deadspots, so no Datalore for me during my commute!

My own conda environments are absolutely essential too, as I use a lot of non-standard packages.