All my scheduled notebooks killed despite autorenewal

Hi, I have a professional licence with autorenewal set to “on” and a working credit card.

My monthly subscription was supposed to roll today but didn’t, and that caused a mass failure of all my scheduled notebook runs.

Can you please look into it - luckily this happened on a friday evening, but if it had happened during a weekday it would have caused huge problems.

After I manually rolled the subscription all problems disappeared.

Many thanks.

Hi @Juan_Quintas,

I am sorry that you have encountered such a problem! I forwarded your question to the JetBrains Store team and will get back to you once I have an answer.

Thank you!

We have discussed this issue with the Store team and are going to improve our integration with them, so hopefully this will prevent similar problems in the future.

Please feel free to write to us again in case this (or any other) issue arises again.

Thank you!