Accessing workspace and doing a Git checkout for multiple notebooks

Hi all,

I am using Datalore to execute long-running notebooks on a remote server. Currently running a self-hosted instance for the maximum flexibility.

My workflow consists of

  • Editing notebooks - multiple notebooks, locally
  • Pushing to Github
  • Pulling to the server
  • Running in Datalore
  • Pushing results back to Github

Because I am working with multiple notebooks, and Datalore seems to offer terminal + Git environment only per notebook, is there a possibility for me to use this workflow with Datalore?

  • Can I access Workspace from Datalore’s terminal?
  • Can I access Workspace from Docker shell (running a self-hosted Docker)
  • Can I checkout notebooks from Git directly to workspace?
  • Any other tips for this kind of a workflow?

Stumbled upon this old post:

Looks like it is possible to sync Workspace files using notebook, but did not find any details or pointers how to do this.