Ability to select access level when inviting a collaborator

When you invite a collaborator via email, you can’t change their permissions until they accept the invite. This means that you are required to give them “manage” access, and then once they accept the invite, you can change their access to “view” or “edit”. It would be much better if you could select any access level at the time you invite them.


Hi Kevin!

I just rechecked the invitation process and it seems to happen when you invite not registered in Datalore users only. I’ll file an issue for this.

We have “Can Edit” permissions set by default. Couldn’t find a case when “Can Manage” would be set automatically. Can you please share a little bit more information about it? Does it happen every time you invite someone or with specific persons only?

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m probably just remembering incorrectly… I’ll let you know the next time I send an email invitation!

Actually you were right, I found an issue with the permissions when inviting new users, will ask the devs to fix it as soon as possible.


The fix has been deployed – it is not yet possible to change the access level for invitations in the “pending” state, but at least such users won’t get “can manage” grants.

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