Kernel not starting


when I’m opening a notebook there’s a notification that says the kernel (t2.medium) hasn’t started yet and when I’m trying to run a code block it says the kernel isn’t ready.

I have only just signed up to Datalore and when I first uploaded a notebook everything worked just fine, i.e. I was able to run code blocks. But then, maybe an hour or so later, the kernel just stopped working and doesn’t seem to be able to restart.

I’m using Safari but switching to Firefox didn’t work either. Also, changing to IPython kernel didn’t make any difference. Any ideas what the issue might be here?

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Hi @kiki,

Does the problem persist? From what you’ve described it seems that the agent had restarted and maybe if it took a while it had a cold start.

Does it reproduce on other notebooks?

I managed to get rid of the issue by creating a new workspace and then adding the (same) workbook. Once I did that, the kernel would start up normally. After that, the kernel also seemed to work fine in the default workspace where the issue had occured initially. Really don’t have an idea what the problem was but it’s now working fine …

Thanks for the feedback anyway!

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